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Established in October, 2004
In 2004 a few wives asked some local fathers to attend a meeting at the YWCA to hear a speaker discuss alcohol & drug issues in Fairfield County,CT.
We were hooked.

That was many years ago. From two fathers, we
now have 15 members on our Board and 45-65
fathers attending our monthly meetings early Saturday
mornings during the school year.

Our speakers range from authors, therapists, doctors, police,
lawyers, students, graduates and actors to a comedian with a message.

All have a drive to help informed, influence and improve the fathering skills of our local fathers’. We are all volunteers from our community,
for our community.

Why Fathers’ Forum?
Underage drinking in Connecticut is 28% higher than the national average. 77% of high school students report obtaining alcohol at home. Binge drinking occurs alarmingly often among teenagers. Access to cars, cell phones and money make opportunities for gatherings abundant and often dangerous.

The average age a youth in Fairfield County takes his/her first drink of alcohol is 11.4 years, younger than most other areas of the county.  Most programs addressing alcohol use/abuse are focused at the high school level, which may well be too late for many.

Though service providers report that hard-core use is increasing at an alarming rate, shockingly, teens did not report addiction or using substances to excess as the norm.

The above and so many other facts and fears have drawn fathers together to discuss, share, learn and understand how best to meet our children on their ground.

Fathers’ Forum  of Greenwich is closing.


We send Thanks to our Sponsors:
Liberation Programs,
Lower Fairfield County Regional Action Council (LFRAC),
Greenwich Family and Youth Options,
Garden Catering and the YMCA Greenwich
Greenwich YMCA

Currently we do not have leaders who will take
Fathers’ Forum on to continue the events.
We will leave the site open for information and links.

THANK YOU ALL for making Fathers’ Forum a great success over the many many years!

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FATHERS’ FORUM PURPOSE: Provide Greenwich dads with information and skills to help them make the best, most enlightened choices in developing relationships with their children for the purpose of protecting the children from high-risk behavior.